Lil Dicky Endorses Joe Biden With NSFW Video

The rapper and comedian strips down to his birthday suit and only covers his manhood with a sock while explaining why he's voting for Biden in an Instagram clip.

AceShowbiz - Lil Dicky has literally given his all to support Joe Biden. The rapper has stripped naked to endorse the Democratic presidential candidate at the upcoming election in an NSFW video posted on his Instagram page on Monday, October 19.

In the less-than-three-minute clip, the 32-year-old comedian wore nothing but a sock to cover his manhood as he sat on the carpet laid out on the floor. "Hi, I'm Dave and I'm here today to talk to you guys about the election," he began, before explaining why he's voting for Biden.

"I'm not posting this to divide people," he cautiously said, before addressing potential criticism, "And I'm really not interested in seeing everyone in the comments being like, 'How the f**k are you voting for that guy? What are you even doing talking politics? You're a d**k and fart joke rapper, man. Shut up and stay in your lane.' Grow up! I have an opinion, so what?"

Laying out the reasons why Donald Trump needs to get out of the White House, he said, "We're at a time where we just need our leader to use language that inspires people to feel united, and remind all of us that humanity is really important thing that matters."

He continued, "I need my president to be presidential. Call me crazy for wanting rhetoric that's not spewing hatred or dividing a nation. I'm sorry, we're at a crossroads right now and we don't have time to deal with f**king horse s**t."

Also citing Trump's inability to recognize climate change as a real issue that threatens our existence, Dicky concluded his message, "For that reason, I'm voting Biden." He went on reminding his followers to use their rights to vote, writing in the caption, "Vote. Last day to register in my home state of PA, my new home state of CA, and others. Step up and vote."

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