Jennifer Lopez Defended Against Backlash for Calling Herself 'Black Girl' on New Song

On her Maluma collaboration 'Lonely', the diva sings, 'Yo siempre sere tu negrita del Bronx,' which translates into, 'I'll always be your black girl from the Bronx.'

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lopez recently collaborated with Maluma on a Latin song, "Lonely", though it looks like people did not appreciate the song as much. Following the release of the song, the Bronx diva received backlash because one of the verses found her referring to herself as a black girl.

J.Lo sang on the song, "Yo siempre sere tu negrita del Bronx," which translated into, "I'll always be your black girl from the Bronx." Once people, especially the Black community, learned of the translation, they quickly took to social media to blast the actress and singer because she is far from being black.

For instance, one person said, "J Lo mad irritating. Now everybody wanna be Black. Girl go the f**k on somewhere." There was also someone who commented, "I don't like J.Lo she's just a wanna be black girl that can hit a two step. She's an All Lives Matter supporter and now she's calling herself a 'black girl from the Bronx' idek why she still makes music my dog has better vocal agility than her. Just no."

J.Lo herself has yet to respond to the backlash, though some people have since come to her defense by pointing out that the word "negrita" actually refers to dark or brown skin Latin girls, not African American. Some also said that it is a term of endearment. "If you aren't Hispanic... don't comment. FYI in our culture You don't literally need to be black to be negrita or negrito," one said.

"Wow !! You guys need to get your facts straight first !! That's what brown skinned people call themselves in the BRonx!! Negrita or negrito omg chill !!! That doesn't mean BLACK," another echoed the sentiment. "Y'all doing too much it's a pet name doesn't translate to be black girl now if she said Morena from the Bronx that'll be different," someone else hit back at the critics.

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