Kanye West Angers Piers Morgan for Breaking Quarantine Rules With London Visit
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The 'Follow God' rapper also takes the heat from social media users after he's spotted at a Bottega Veneta fashion show on Friday, October 9 following his arrival in the U.K.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West has been accused of breaking quarantine rules in the U.K. with his London visit. The rapper has received backlash from a bunch of British people, including Piers Morgan, after he was seen attending a Bottega Veneta fashion show on Friday night, October 9 following his arrival in the country.

An outspoken critic of fellow public figures, Piers took at jab at the Yeezy designer in a Monday morning (October 12) episode of "Good Morning Britain". Venting his frustration, the TV host said, "It's a disgrace that Kanye West can walk around London with no quarantine, when everybody else has to quarantine, who does he think he is?"

He expressed his worry that seeing a celebrity breaking going against quarantine measures will send the wrong message to others and make them follow in Kanye's footsteps. "We seen Kanye coming into London, he's in the U.S. one day, flying into London the next," Piers said, suggesting that Kanye was "deliberately ignoring the rules" everybody else is "abiding" by.

According to travel rules in the U.K., all arrivals from the U.S. are required to complete a two-week quarantine upon arrival in measures introduced to curb the spread of the virus. Anyone who contravenes the measures can potentially face a fine of up to £1,000.

Piers was not the only one angered by Kanye's sighting in London as one fellow Brit tweeted, "I'm confused. If I went on a holiday to america and just come back to the UK, England, on Friday, I have to quarantine for what 10-14 days right? But Kanye West and his daughter can just jet in and walk around London and go to fashion shows???"

Another asked, "Did Kanye west not have to quarantine in London? He just popped up at an event this evening in london." Someone else wasn't pleased that Kanye is free to roam the city without following the quarantine rules, exclaiming, "So Kanye can swan on over here to the UK for a f**king FASHION SHOW and not quarantine yet I cant go to america, quarantine voluntarily, so that I can see my family?????"

Kanye was pictured in London with his daughter North West. They used the opportunity to promote his U.S. presidential bid, wearing matching black sweatshirts that read "Vote Kanye" in bold white letters while attending the Bottega Veneta fashion show, which was presented at Sadler's Wells Theatre.

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