Saweetie Appears to Call Megan Thee Stallion 'Fake Mean B***h' in Response to Shade

The 'Savage' hitmaker seemingly accused Saweetie of copying her YouTube show during a livestream to celebrate the release of her Young Thug collaboration 'Don't Stop' earlier this month.

AceShowbiz - Did Saweetie just take a jab at Megan Thee Stallion? That's what people are speculating after the former took to Twitter over the weekend to share a shady tweet towards someone she claimed has been throwing insults at her.

Not mentioning any names in her tweet, Saweetie wrote, "I hate a fake mean b***h… stand tall on yo insults and don't be mad when I throw that s**t back!" Reading her tweet, many immediately jumped to conclusions that she was talking about Megan, who recently appeared to accuse the "Icy Girl" rapper of copying her YouTube series.

"Stand TALL. Direct shade to Meg because she said Saweetie was copying the Hot Girl vlogs on YouTube," one person assumed, as another echoed the sentiment, "She talking about Meg Smollett the stallion because Meg been throwing shade at her." There was also an individual that commented, "She talking about Meg cause Meg been on her fake bully s**t lately smfh."

Megan made the accusation during a livestream to celebrate the release of her Young Thug collaboration "Don't Stop" and its accompanying music video earlier this month. Talking about her YouTube series "Hottie World", which is based on her catchphrase Hot Girl Summer, the Roc Nation rapper said, "We've been doing this s**t for a while. Like, we're on literally season five, episode 11 of 'Hottie World' and we've been going for years strong. I've seen many try to duplicate it. None really got it correctly but, like, 'Hottie World' is the s**t and it is the OG."

Even though Megan addressed other people in general, a number of people were convinced she directed the words towards Saweetie, who also has a YouTube series called "The Icy Life". Launched two years after Megan debuted hers, the show follows Saweetie as she balances her personal and professional life.

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