Kim Zolciak Suffers Multiple Nip Slips During Instagram Live

In candid, uncensored moments, the 'Don't Be Tardy...' star accidentally flashes her bare chest underneath her blue robe while discussing skincare with her fans.

AceShowbiz - Kim Zolciak revealed more than what she bargained for during her latest Instagram Live. Intending to share her wisdom about skincare, the reality TV star had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction as she chatted up with her followers via the social media platform.

During the candid and uncensored Live session, the 42-year-old was promoting her beauty line Kashmere and answering fans' questions about her skincare products. She stared into the camera as she paid serious attention to the comments while taking notes with a black Sharpie marker and a clipboard.

The mother of six, who seemed to go makeup free with just a thin layer of lip gloss, dressed for comfort in a blue polka dot robe from her Kashmere line. But when she fixed her hair, her robe slightly opened, revealing her bare chest underneath it.

Kim Zolciak's Nip Slips on Instagram Live

Kim Zolciak suffered multiple nip slips during Instagram Live.

Seemingly oblivious to the wardrobe malfunction, Kim had another nip slip when she grabbed a product from the counter. Kim's Instagram Live video is no longer available on her account, but an Instagram user captured the nip slips and has reposted the clips.

Kim has also posted a new photo of her rocking her trusted robe while reflecting on her recent trip to Los Angeles. "I feel so incredibly blessed! I spent 2 weeks in LA and just got home. I didn't know how I was going to survive without all my kiddos but somehow I did lol!!" she wrote in the caption. "In LA some incredible things took place and it showed me yet again my intuition was dead on."

The "Don't Be Tardy..." star went on sharing, "When you feel something go with it! It also helps when the people that surround you believe in you and support you too. Ask Believe and Receive is how I live my life but I'm also impatient lol which can slow the process so I have to constantly remind myself in God's time not Kim's time I have been patient although not easy and I'm so glad I was!! Enjoy your day today you never know when it's your last."

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