'LHH' Star Sukihana Breaks Internet With Explicit Footage of Her Giving Fiance Blow Job

In one of the posts shared on her Twitter account, the reality TV star can be seen wrapping her man's private part with a white towel as she stares at the camera.

AceShowbiz - Sukihana has joined a slew of celebrities making an OnlyFans account, and she sure knows how to promote her page on other social media sites. The "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star made her name trend on Twitter on Friday, October 2 by sharing on the micro-blogging site explicit footage of her giving her fiance, Kill Bill, a blow job.

In one post, she attached two pictures of herself naked while hanging out by the pool. She did not even try to hide her private parts as she let her boobs and nipples be full on display while covering her lady parts with a towel. Meanwhile, the other photo showed her wrapping her man's penis with the said towel as she stared at the camera.

Suki didn't stop there. She then followed it up with a video of the aftermath of what she did to her fiance, saying that she ended up throwing up. "I worked so hard for this Nut," she said in the caption of the previous post. "a lil Throw up did not stop me Subscribe to my onlyfans to watch the 14 minute video."

Many people were baffled and clearly not having it after seeing the posts. Some did not even hold back in expressing their disgusts by posting all kinds of reaction photos underneath the footage. One was convinced that sexual abuse must be the reason why Suki dared to post such a thing as s/he said, "Suki has definitely suffered sexual abuse at some point in the life cause....I just don't understand."

Meanwhile, JT of City Girls wondered whether Suki was hacked. Someone else said, "Suki I- that's just nasty sweetie. Throw up? The store better be a two story mall," as another person commented, "Justly nasty. For a few retweets? You look poor as hell."

Despite all the criticism, her strategy clearly worked because Suki later implied that a lot of people have subscribed to her OnlyFans account. "Welp my bills are paid in full for the next year. Thank you little dangly thang in the back of my throat," so she wrote on the blue bird app.

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