Iggy Azalea Debuts Bold Look as She Shaves Red Hair in Shocking TikTok Video

Her new buzz cut aside, the 'Fancy' hitmaker gets in the Halloween spirit early by dressing up as Cinderella and Maleficent while a snippet of her never-before-heard song plays.

AceShowbiz - Iggy Azalea just had a major transformation as she shared a shocking video on TikTok. The Australian raptress debuted a bold new look after shaving her long red hair in the clip that left her fans and followers gasping.

Early in the video, the 30-year-old pretended to be mulling over the idea to shave her head as an audio voice was heard saying, "Girl don't do it. It's not worth it." She playfully looked shocked but appeared to ignore the plea as she put her hand up to her chest.

Proceeding with her initial intention, she grabbed an electric hair clipper as the voice continued saying, "I'm not going to do it girl. I was just thinking about it. I'm not gonna do it," which Iggy mouthed along. The video then cuts to show Iggy standing in the same position, wearing the same outfit and makeup, but already with a red buzz cut.

The mother of one smiled as she ran her hands across her remaining hair. She then stood closer to the camera as she appeared to admire the view of her new look in the mirror as the same voice aptly said "I did it" over the video. She captioned the clip, "Do you ever wonder how you'd look? I do."

Many fans were gushing over her new look, while someone admitted her bold transformation made her "gasp." Some others, meanwhile, were questioning whether Iggy did shave her long blonde tresses for real and got the answer.

In some videos posted on her Instagram Stories, the "Juicy" rhymer revealed that it was just a wig that she shaved. "Just shaving my wig wbu?" she wrote over a video showing her hairdresser holding the clipper and shaving down the already short red wig into an even more cropped style.

The stylist could be heard grumbling about the mess created by shaving down the wig, saying, "We are getting it all over the place." Still, the hairdresser was pleased with Iggy's new look as he said she looked "stunning."

It's not clear what Iggy has been up to with her red buzz cut, but she has apparently got in the Halloween spirit early. Earlier on Thursday, October 1, she posted on TikTok videos of her channeling Cinderella and Maleficent of Disney's characters.

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