Some people accuse the 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' actor of trying to be a white man after seeing the clip, with one sarcastically saying, 'Look at this Caucasian man.'

AceShowbiz - Terry Crews has once again become the butt of the Internet's joke over something he posted on social media. This time around, the actor and comedian got many online folks ridiculing him after he shared a clip of him directly drinking river water.

He shared on Twitter on Wednesday, September 30 a video of him drinking water from an open water source during his trip to Iceland. He was clearly enjoying what he drank because he later turned to the camera to say, "Fresh water," with a satisfied look on his face. In the caption of the post, the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star said, "No need for bottles here! Natural and pure--just like me!"

Seeing the video, people started ridiculing him and accusing him of trying to be a white man. Someone even pointed out that him and Kylie Jenner, who has always been accused of trying to be a black person, should switch race. "Him and Kylie should switch races since one wanna be white & one wanna be black so bad," said that person, as another sarcastically said, "Look at this Caucasian man." There was also one who wrote, "how do you go from playing the role of a stereotypical black man to actually being a stereotypical white man."

Meanwhile, some others were genuinely concerned and told him that he shouldn't drink river water since there are millions of organisms in fresh water. "Terry you really shouldn't drink water like that. Yes its clean of pollution but not parasites," a concerned follower told him in the replies section. "you shouldn't drink water from open water source without boiling it first. there are natural microbes that can do you harm," another gave him advice.

Someone else commented, "Please watch doing that sometimes there can be things in the water that can make you very sick love you please stay safe," while one other wrote, "Last time I drank from a stream there rotting corpse 18 feet upstream...."

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