Celina Powell Says Tory Lanez's Side Chick Has Sex With Drake to Star in His Music Video

Through a post shared on Instagram Stories, the self-proclaimed thot also says that Aggy Abby forces Tory to be the godfather of her child after learning that he isn't her baby daddy.

AceShowbiz - Celina Powell is back at it again with her exposing game. However, instead of airing out male celebrities' dirty laundry like she usually does, the star took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, September 29 to expose Aggy Abby whom the self-proclaimed thot claimed was Tory Lanez's side chick.

In the post she shared on the social media site, Celina stated that Aggy got mad at her for revealing her relationship with the hip-hop star on Instagram Live. Having the time of the day to hit back at the Instagram model, Celina decided to detail how Aggy and Tory first met as she said that his manager Ray "flew you out to f**k you but he introduced you to Tory Lanez and he smashed u."

Following their sexual intercourse, Aggy apparently got pregnant and believed Tory was the father of her child. However, when the Canadian musician took a DNA test, it turned out he isn't her baby daddy. Aggy decided to make him the godfather of her child though, while Tory allegedly put her "in the side b***h position."

Not stopping there, Celina later added, "On and you even sent Ray Tory's bday address KNOWING Tory didn't want him thereā€¦ I called the cops to that party and ruined y'all night lol." In addition to that, Celina apparently had an interesting story behind Aggy starring in Drake's "Laugh Now, Cry Later" music video. She said on the photo-sharing site, "On and Ray told me you f**ked Drake for that music video so congrats!"

To conclude her lengthy post, Celina urged Aggy to "just embrace your h**ism baby."

Aggy has yet to respond to the accusation, though she has always been open about Tory being the godfather of her child. Last year, she celebrated Father's Day by making a tribute post to the musician.

"Happy Father's Day to the best GodFather everrrr! The man who never treated Rico any less than his own blood," she said at the time, alongside a photo of Tory with her child. "Grateful for a real friend & a real father in our lives! God bless all the Real Men! Blood don't make you family, REAL LOVE does."

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