Reba McEntire Credits Shocking Divorce for Forcing Her to Forge Her Own Path

On her 'Living and Learning with Reba McEntire' podcast, the 'Consider Me Gone' singer talks the big career changes she made in the wake of her 2015 split from former manager Narvel Blackstock.

AceShowbiz - Country music veteran Reba McEntire has her shock 2015 divorce from her former manager Narvel Blackstock to thank for forcing her to take more control over her career.

The "Consider Me Gone" singer has always made it clear she wasn't the one seeking to end the couple's 26-year marriage, but when their relationship crumbled, McEntire had to pick herself up and soldier on in order to ensure her professional life didn't fall apart as well.

Discussing the big career changes she made in the wake of the split on her "Living & Learning with Reba McEntire" podcast, the musician said, "I think forging your own path, that's your choice. The divorce was not my choice. I did not want it at all. So it was left up to me of, 'OK, kid, how you gonna handle this?' "

"So when the people who were literally taking care of me, my company, and my career left me, it was kind of a 'Buckle up, buttercup' moment for me," McEntire shared. "I had to... (decide) what the hell am I gonna do?"

She called a big meeting with her remaining team members and outlined a plan to move on without Blackstock to deal with the business side of her career.

"It was kind of a, as I call it, a 'come to Jesus' meeting, and I had to gather my wherewithal, put my feelings aside and go forward," McEntire continued.

"It was forging a path that I didn't want any part of, but I had to do it... and so it was 'Catch Up 101'. I had to learn so much that was dumped on my lap. But I think it's made me appreciate the business more. I've learned a lot. There I was again, forging another part of the territory I never even thought I would have to be involved in."

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