Jessica Alba Jokes Her Children Might Have PTSD From Disastrous Family Road Trips

When talking to Kelly Clarkson on her talk show, the 'L.A.'s Finest' star recalls having her toddler throwing up in her mouth during one trip and driving into wildfires during another.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Alba will think twice before setting off on another family road trip after her double summer adventures were dogged by disaster.

The actress, her husband Cash Warren, and their three kids borrowed her brother's recreational vehicle and hit the freeway, stopping off at Zion National Park in Utah en route, where they were initially refused entry - and then Jessica's toddler threw up in her mouth.

"When we landed in Zion at 11pm they were like, 'It's two hours past the time anyone is allowed to pull in, because it's lights out...'," the star tells pop star-turned-chat show host Kelly Clarkson. "So we just parked the thing and Cash backs in and everyone's just, like, hot and they want to get out and we're starving... and right when I take the baby out of his car seat, he vomits in my mouth and my eyes, and everyone in the RV goes, 'Ewww...' and (they) run out. So I'm blinded by warm, acid vomit...".

Alba quickly stripped her toddler and then watched in horror as he ran outside the RV and started chasing toads around the camp site.

"This fool jumps out the RV in his diaper and starts chasing... nasty, wild toads," she adds. "This is, like, our first time out of our house in five months and then he starts going to other people's COVID camps. I'm like, 'The baby's gonna get COVID!' And I still have the vomit everywhere."

"This was was, like, our first night on our first road trip."

The adventure got better and three weeks later, when the family got home, they decided to head off on another road trip to Bend, Oregon. But that was another disaster.

"We accidentally drove the kids into a couple of the (wild) fires in Napa, California...," she recalls. "We lost cell phone service. It was a situation... My kids might have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from road trips. They're scarred for life."

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