Kendall Jenner Chats With Obama's Former Speechwriter on Instagram Live

The runway brunette beauty marks National Voter Registration Day by encouraging her online devotees to vote in the upcoming Presidential election during a chat with Jon Favreau.

AceShowbiz - Kendall Jenner took to Instagram Live for the first time ever on Tuesday (22Sep20) to encourage fans to sign up to vote in the U.S. general election in November (20).

Marking National Voter Registration Day, the supermodel shared an almost 14-minute video on the photo-sharing platform with her 139 million followers, during which she chatted with political strategist Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama.

"Happy National Voter Registration Day!" she shared. "As I'm getting ready to vote, I wanted to make sure you guys were ready to vote, and registered, and feeling great about it," the 24 year old added, telling devotees it was her very first time going live on the site and asking them to "bear with" her.

"There's so many comments!" she added, as she read the online thoughts of people tuning in to watch.

"If you don't like what's happening in America right now, I honestly think this election is your last chance to change it," Favreau her followers during the livestream chat. "Voting won't elect a saviour, it won't solve all our problems, but voting will give us a chance to do something about climate change, systemic racism, healthcare, and education. Voting will give us a chance to make sure that our politics isn't as f**ked up as it is right now, and that we're not all at each other's throats like we are right now."

Jenner joined scores of big names doing their bit to encourage people to vote ahead of the 3 November election while Snoop Dogg has announced he is partnering with bosses at Rock The Vote, 1 VoteCloser, and social justice venture OneOpp to create his own voting drive, titled #VoteWithSnoop, and he admits the cause is really personal for him because he always thought he wasn't eligible to vote.

"This is gonna be the first election I am voting in," the "Gin & Juice" hitmaker explained. "How the system is set up, I honestly didn't know that I was allowed to vote based on my past history. My (criminal) record has been expunged, so I'm gonna be out there this election. I have to get involved."

"As I'm looking around at what is happening in the world right now, I know that we need to make an immediate change and we can't sit back idle... I'm gonna use my voice and Influence to let people know that the only option is to get out and vote."

Other familiar faces posting images and video on social media urging followers to make their voices heard on Tuesday include Michelle and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ryan Reynolds, Dave Matthews, Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, new mum Katherine Schwarzenegger, Sofia and Nicole Richie, Big Sean, Jessica Biel, Jack Black, model Joan Smalls, Mindy Kaling, Kumail Nanjiani, Hailey Bieber, Dwyane Wade, and Gabrielle Union, and Primetime Emmy Awards and late night U.S. TV host Jimmy Kimmel.

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