The 'If I Ain't Got You' hitmaker follows in Gwyneth Paltrow's foosteps by launching her own lifestyle and skincare brand as she explains 'the four keys to soulcare.'

AceShowbiz - Alicia Keys has officially launched her own Goop-style lifestyle and skincare brand and website, Keys Soulcare.

The "Fallin' " hitmaker is teaming up with the firm e.l.f. Beauty to launch the venture, which she teased last month (Aug20) in a video.

In a press release about the big reveal on Tuesday (22Sep20), she says, "We're so busy all the time that I don't think we create these small rituals for ourselves."

"Even the five minutes it takes to wash my face - when I'm able to create that space for myself I feel more beautiful, more powerful, more possible. That's soulcare. Keys open doors and this is another beautiful door that we get to walk through together."

In addition to publishing editorial articles and a weekly newsletter, as well as setting up an online community, Alicia will also debut a holiday product preview in December, 2020, and then a full cruelty-free skin and body care collection early next year.

The Keys Soulcare content site will feature stories, tips, and inspiration, detailing what she dubs "the four keys to soulcare" - Body, Spirit, Mind and Connection - which represent our physical, spiritual, mental, and social selves.

Some of the initial topics covered will include, "Alicia on What Beauty Means to Me," "Artist Ming Smith on Aligning Path & Passion," and "Listening to Your Own Narrative."

The first holiday preview range will include a signature sage and oat milk candle and two yet-to-be-revealed skincare products, with the website going live next Tuesday

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