Joe Budden Denies Masturbating Dogs, Blames Raqi Thunda Over Leaked Audio and Docs

Addressing rumors that he loves to masturbate his dogs during an Instagram Live stream, the podcast host says, 'They're turning in their graves right now reading all this bulls**t.'

AceShowbiz - Joe Budden has finally addressed all the rumors surrounding him. He held an Instagram Live stream on Wednesday, September 9 to shut down claims that he loves masturbating his dogs in addition to putting his "Love & Hip Hop: New York" co-star Raqi Thunda on blast for allegedly leaking his phone conversation with Cyn Santana and the documents.

During the Instagram Live stream, Joe began by saying, "I love dogs. Hopefully you guys do too. I love animals. I love my dogs who died, rest in peace to Brooklyn and Harlem." Referring to the masturbation claims, the rapper-turned-podcast-host added, "They're turning in their graves right now reading all this bulls**t."

He then switched the conversation to the leaked audio and docs that detailed his issues with Cyn Santana, blaming them on Raqi. According to him, Raqi was once a close friend who had been around the couple for a long time and even tried to be Cyn's manager at one point. Calling Raqi "slimy nasty f***ing a**," Joe continued explaining that Raqi was the one who helped Cyn try to bring him to court and recorded their conversation the entire time. Moreover, she also had access to the docs that were supposed to be shredded.

Later on in the stream, Joe alluded that the leaked audio and docs were the results of the two ladies falling out and said that Raqi had always wanted to drag him. "I had no business dealing with Raqi. I don't why she's feeling what she's feeling," he said. "I think she's sick. I think that she's bipolar. I think she's got dementia. She got cold."

Joe then mentioned that he never wanted to address this himself and just let Cyn do the speaking. However, because she did not address the issue in the way that he preferred to, he decided to speak about it himself.

Joe was probably referring to Cyn's response to the leaked audio and documents. In a video she shared on Instagram, the reality TV star stressed the importance of her family's mental health and refused to directly talk about their issues in public.

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