NLE Choppa Speaks Against Black Lives Matter: It Doesn't Solve the Problem

The 'Walk Em Down' rapper claims protesting on the street won't bring a change desired for black community, suggesting that people 'mediate for positivity' instead.

AceShowbiz - NLE Choppa isn't afraid to speak up his mind, even though it means he risks landing in hot water for his controversial comments. Amid public's outrage over Jacob Blake shooting, the rapper has spoken up against Black Lives Matter movement, which has taken over the streets across the nation for months now following recent deaths of black people such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Lashun Potts, began his rambling messages on Twitter as he criticized media for distracting the attention from a bigger issue with recent headlines. "Media get you focused on watts not important. Everything you seeing is distracting you from watts really going on in the world," he wrote on Thursday, August 27.

Citing Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez drama as one of the distractions, he continued, "Y'all so worried about the meg and Tory situation and don't even realize it got us arguing with our own race just different genders. This where we all need to be working together to overcome the bigger picture. It's a whole food shortages going on all across the world."

The Memphis-born star later touched on the subject of police violence as tweeting, "Even the cop killing us is distracting us. They want us to feel anger, fear, guilt, shame those are all low vibrations." However, instead of supporting the BLM movement, he called for an end to protesting because it doesn't solve the problem.

NLE Choppa Speaks Against Black Lives Matter

NLE Choppa called police violence a distraction.

"Protesting ain't gone solve s**t. That's a whole illusion," he claimed, urging people to "meditate for positivity" instead. He went on arguing, "They want us to protest and scream #BLM ,which is funded by a white man, and that doesn't cause change STILL HAVEN'T."

NLE Choppa Speaks Against Black Lives Matter

The rapper said protesting doesn't solve the problem.

Needless to say, some people disagreed with Choppa, with one saying, "Even if it is a distraction, it needs attention, even if for a moment. It should be used as fuel, motivation, for our own progress forward."

Another explained why protests would make a difference, "it's centuries of cases of protesting that have made differences... George Floyd's killers wouldn't have been in jail if it wasn't for protests. If you think meditation would better help us than protesting idk what to tell you."

Echoing the sentiment, a third commenter wrote, "Wrong young chopper, protesting did result in cops behind bars but the fact that we have to protest for that to happen should be what makes you mad." A fourth person agreed, adding, "It was actually the riots that got people to listen. The protests didnt do much. The wypipo in power only listen when theres violence involved."

Surprisingly, there were also many who think that Choppa is right. "somebody speaking the truth!" one person defended the 17-year-old artist. "you one of the realest rappers fasho, and yes i agree," a second supporter commented. Another added, "manz don't speak nothing but facts."

Someone else, meanwhile, reminded Choppa how his statements about BLM could bring him down, writing, "Stay safe bro, they aint gon like you sayin this."

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