Ashley Graham's Mom 'Fully Disgusted' at Her for Not Shaving Armpits During Quarantine

Despite that, the plus-size model doesn't really care about what her mom thinks about her as she says in the latest episode of 'Today with Jenna and Hoda', 'Things don't matter anymore.'

AceShowbiz - Ashley Graham has grossed her mother out with the one thing she did during the coronavirus quarantine. When opening up about her daily routine amid the pandemic, the plus size model confessed that her mother was "fully disgusted" at her after she chose not to shave her armpits for quite some time.

Speaking to host Jenna Bush Hager on the Friday, August 14 episode of "Today", the 32-year-old first spilled on her everyday look. "It has been full-on sweatpants," she said. "I'm lucky if I put a bra on in the morning." She went on to reveal her unshaved underarm as stating, "I haven't shaved my armpits in I don't know how long. My mother is fully disgusted with that by the way."

Though so, the "American Beauty Star" host admitted that she was not bothered by the fact her mom was not a big fan of her growing armpit hair. "But it's just, things don't matter anymore," she pointed out confidently.

Days prior to this revelation, the wife of videographer Justin Ervin actually shared on Instagram a clip of her shaving her armpits. It was not clear, however, when she filmed herself doing the task.

Ashley's "Today" confession was not the first time she admitted to let the hair under her arms grow. Back in February, she explained on a Instagram Story, "For all the ladies out there who did not shave their pits basically their whole pregnancy or at least until the end, I haven’t shaved since my last public appearance, which was The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon [in December 2019]."

During her chat with Jenna, Ashley also talked about her decision to put her stretch marks on full display in a new campaign for her Swimsuits For All collection. Stressing that she had always stood for women "feeling great in their skin no matter who they are," she noted, "Now as a mother, I think it's even more important because I'm not just a role model for people who follow me, I'm a role model for my son."

Ashley continued to emphasize, "And now having my body completely change, and stretch marks and extra weight and my hips and my stomach have shifted in new areas… I just want women to know that things will change, and it's most important to just continue to love yourself and to do that for the next generation."

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