The former ringleader of The Smiths asks his fans to pray for his mother Elizabeth as he is in distress because the matriarch is battling serious illness.

AceShowbiz - Morrissey has asked fans to pray for his seriously ill mother, Elizabeth.

The former The Smiths frontman gained his love of literature from his librarian mum, who moved with his dad from Ireland to Manchester, England the year before his birth in 1959.

Although the rocker did not disclose the nature of her illness, he indicated she is seriously unwell and asked fans to pray for her recovery.

"With this broken voice I beseech you, my friends, to offer prayers of hope and prayers of intercession for the recovery of Elizabeth Anne Dwyer, who is my mother, who is in trouble, and who is the sole reason for all the good and motivational things in my life," he writes on his Morrissey Central website.

"I ask particularly my friends in Chile, Mexico, Italy, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, the United States, Ecuador, Israel and Ireland to offer their prayers for Elizabeth - for she is all I have, and our collective pleas of petition might wake the sleeping gods."

He added in a distressing incantation, "She is me, and without her vahaan koee kal hal... there is no tomorrow. I ask no more of you... for there could be no more to ask."

The 61-year-old rocker then signed the message with his full name, "Stephen Patrick Morrissey."

Elizabeth, who separated from Morrissey's dad Peter in 1976, was a regular attendee of her son's gigs, but was last seen supporting the "Irish Blood, English Hear" hitmaker when he performed at the London Palladium in 2018.

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