The 'America's Got Talent' host gives his response after one of his followers on Twitter asks him, 'You got roasted bruh by Rick Ross in his new single, how do you feel?'

AceShowbiz - Terry Crews has broken his silence after being roasted by Rick Ross. Rather than lashing back at the hip-hop star over the diss, the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor decided to stay classy when asked to give his response to the shade.

One of his Twitter followers asked him on Friday, August 7, "You got roasted bruh by Rick Ross in his new single, how do you feel?" In response to the said user, the comedian simply wrote in all-caps, "FAMOUS."

Many people praised him for the way he handled the roast. "love his response, keep it simple and keep it moving," one said. "Nice clap back lol," another comment, as someone else wrote, "I love your positive attitude about things Mr.Crews. That, and how you're sticking firm to what you believe in, even when people oppose you. That's some good stuff right there."

"I've never seen or heard of Terry personally attacking anyone. It's impressive. He seems to genuinely care about everyone, even if they treat him poorly," an individual chimed in, with one other saying, "Love your response !!! And is so true!! Your truly a great person with great integrity and character!!!"

Rick released his song, "Pinned to the Cross", in the latest episode of Versuz with 2 Chainz, who also previewed his Lil Wayne collaboration "Money Maker". Rick opened the song by saying, "F**k, Terry Crews," before doubling down on his diss at the later part of the song. He could be heard rapping, "Terry Crews is another c**n who was basically bought," before laughing.

His shade was a clear reference to Terry's headline-making comment last month, when the "America's Got Talent" host took to Twitter to make an acronym out of the word, "C**n." He said at the time, "Conquer Our Own Negativity," prompting online users to lash out at him. However, Terry did not think he did something wrong at all and hit back at his critics.

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