Solange's Son Julez Defends Jordyn Woods' Sister Against Critics of Their Flirty Interaction

Daniel 'Julez' J. Smith Jr. claps back at Internet trolls who assume Jodie Woods is only 13 years old but already 'commenting on every guys post for attention.'

AceShowbiz - Solange Knowles' son Julez a.k.a. Daniel J. Smith Jr., who has a strong social media platform with more than 16k followers, has had to deal with Internet trolls. The 15-year-old was forced to shut down haters who judged his friend Jodie Woods based on their Instagram interactions.

Julez and Jodie, who is the younger sister of Internet personality Jordyn Woods, have been having flirty exchanges with the two leaving heart emoji on each other's posts. One of Julez's posts which recently attracted Jodie's attention is his selfie which he captioned with "What a great time to be alive."

Leaving her mark, Jodie wrote in the comment section, "hi twin [a red heart emoji]." Julez jokingly disagreed, replying, "twins??? Nahhh," but he added a pink hearts emoji to make sure that everyone knows there's no hate between them.

Instead of gushing about their flirty interaction, some jealous followers began attacking Jodie for allegedly making the same move with other guys. "@jodiewoods girl u be commenting the same [a red heart emoji] under every n***a post," one person accused her.

Another supported the first critic's claim, writing, "right?? This like the 5th n***a Ive seen her comment under they post." Assuming that Jodie is only 13 years old, she added, "Only 13 and already for the streets. Sad."

"She's literally a baby ( only 13) commenting on every guys post for attention. This is not the first time I've heard of her being loosy goosy when it comes to guys. I mean look at her sister and what she did...," a third user claimed, bringing up Jordyn who was accused of causing Khloe Kardashian's breakup with her baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

It's the third commenter's claim that apparently set Julez off as he called out the hater, "your a weirdo." When the critic claimed she's "just agreeing with what everyone else commented," Julez defended Jodie and her sister Jordyn as replying, "u don't know her or her sister so tf you talking bout."

When a fan clarified that Jodie is 15 years old, not 13, Julez wrote under the comment, "fact." But that didn't stop the haters from coming at Jodie. Finally, Julez told off the persistent hater, who claimed she's a fan of him, "gtfo bruh smfh how r u gonna have an opinion on someone u don't know and something u don't know about."

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