Even though the 'Sucker for Pain' rapper has nothing but good things to say about the food that his girlfriend makes for him, people on the Internet feel otherwise.

AceShowbiz - Fans were left baffled when Ty Dolla $ign took to Twitter on Wednesday, August 5 to flaunt his girlfriend's cooking skills. Even though the rapper had nothing but good things to say about her cooking, the Internet thought otherwise and even went as far as accusing her of trying to poison him with the food.

Ty shared on the micro-blogging site a photo of a table full of food that his girlfriend made for him. Among the things she made were soft boiled eggs, cubed cheese and smoked sausages. "My babe made this just now," the "Sucker for Pain" rapper said in the caption of the post, along with a heart-eyes emoticon.

He was clearly happy with the food, but his followers could not help but feel horrified after seeing the photo. Not a few even accused his girlfriend of trying to poison him. "She made food poisoning .... she think those eggs is done?" one person said. "911 What's your emergency? You've been poisoned?!" one other joked. Someone else commented, "Is that a toe or a Thumb either way y'all need to stop this madness y'all stop doing Zaddy like this is ain't him he would never eat Food poisoning on purpose."

Someone simply told Ty, "My n***a she poisoned you." Meanwhile, another person wrote, "Lmao she want him dead." One other said, "Lmao might as well consider him the latest casualty of 2020... because...this look like coronavirus on a platter." There was also an individual who chimed in, "Blink twice if you are in danger Mr. Dolla sign."

Ty did not mention the name of his girlfriend, but he might be referring to Zalia, whom he brought to the Grammy Awards earlier this year. Back in June, he was spotted celebrating her birthday at the Sugar Factory in San Diego.

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