Lamar Odom Forced to Step In During Fiancee Sabrina Parr and Daughter's Argument

Sabrina reportedly confronts Lamar's daughter Destiny Odom after she overhears the 21-year-old talking about her smoking habit with a friend on the phone.

AceShowbiz - While Lamar Odom and his fiancee Sabrina Parr continue to put on loved-up displays on their social media posts, his family is apparently not fond of her. The former NBA star was recently forced to break up a fight between Sabrina and his daughter Destiny Odom.

According to a family friend who visited the Odom family's house in Florida in July, Sabrina got all in Destiny's face after overhearing the latter talking about her. The source tells TheNeighborhoodTalk that Sabrina was swimming in the pool and overheard a conversation Destiny was having with a friend on the phone.

Destiny allegedly complained about people coming in and out of the house, and smoking a lot of weed with Sabrina's 5-year-old son around. She reportedly told the other person on the phone that she understands why Sabrina doesn't have custody of her son.

Destiny's comments allegedly set Sabrina off. She hopped off the pool and confronted the 21-year-old about her conversation on the phone. The source notes that it was like Sabrina was "really about to try and fight" Destiny. Before things escalated further though, Lamar reportedly came out and stepped in between the two ladies.

The following day, Lamar's ex and Destiny's mother Liza Morales reportedly had a sit-down with Sabrina to warn her that she couldn't act like that with her daughter, "or it will be an issue." Sabrina allegedly knew she was wrong, but Lamar sticks up with her.

The tension between Lamar's fiancee and his family was first hinted earlier this year, when Destiny claimed that Sabrina punched her father in the mouth and had been abusive toward the 40-year-old former athlete. She made the accusation in the comment section of Lamar's Valentine's Day post to his lady love.

Lamar and Sabrina, a lifestyle coach and fitness model, started dating in mid-2019. They quickly became engaged after he proposed to her in November of the same year.

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