Andrew Caldwell of 'Im Delivert' Famous Caught Beating Up Alleged White Supremacists

Posting a video that sees him getting into a fight with two white men on the street, the Internet sensation claims he only defends himself after they call him the N-word.

AceShowbiz - Andrew Caldwell, who coined the phrase "I Am Delivert", was caught getting into a physical altercation with alleged white supremacists. The Internet sensation was fighting two white men on the street over the weekend when a passerby recorded the fight.

In the videos which have gone viral on Twitter and Instagram, Andrew was seen having a verbal argument with one of the white men before the white man was lunging Andrew. Within seconds, however, Andrew got the upper hand and began delivering punches at his opponent.

At one point, the white man's shirt was taken off, but it's unclear who did it. All this happened while gospel music, which was reportedly from Andrew's car that was parked nearby, was heard in the background. According to an eyewitness, Andrew paused for a few seconds and danced to the music, but then punched the man again. He eventually walked back to his car and drove away.

Andrew posted the said videos on his own Instagram account. Defending himself, he claimed that he did "not condone violence" and that he only acted in self-defense after the two white men called him the N-word.

"WOW just WOW! I was at the red light and was attacked by two random white men who called me N words and all! I do not condone violence! However when my life is in jeopardy Drew Drew will come out!" he wrote in the caption.

Commenting on the videos, some people sent their support for Andrew. "People are so cruel..glad you're ok," one person wrote.

Some others, however, accused Andrew of faking the fight and posting the videos for attention. "This is embarrassing. And you had the nerve to post it yourself which shows all you're looking for is attention," one of them claimed.

Another echoed the remark, "You trying to make The Shade Room. Wasn't posting it on fb embarrssing enough? Geez!!" Someone else thinks the fight looks fake, pointing out, "Don't even look like the hits and kicks connect. Is this real????"

Andrew went viral in November 2014 after he said in a video that he prayed away his homosexuality.

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