Bobby Lytes Accused of Sexual Harassment for Thirsting Over Lil Nas X's New Shirtless Video

This arrives after the 21-year-old musician shares a video of him dancing to a snippet of his new song 'Call Me By Your Name' while in a bathroom as he doesn't wear anything except for a white towel around his waist.

AceShowbiz - Bobby Lytes has never been subtle with his interest in rapper Lil Nas X. The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star continues to publicly shoot his shot at the "Old Town Road" spitter with his thirsty comment underneath a post featuring Lil Nas' shirtless video.

The said video, which was reposted by TheShadeRoom, saw the 21-year-old musician dancing to a snippet of his new song "Call Me By Your Name" while in a bathroom. He didn't wear anything except for a white towel around his waist.

The post obviously didn't go unnoticed by Bobby who quickly left some thirsty comment on the post. "DROP THE KIDS OFF IN MY THROAT....," so he wrote, seemingly insinuating that he asked Lil Nas to ejaculate in his throat.

Some fans apparently were concerned by the comment as one voiced his/her opinion by writing, "Can someone tell Bobby Lytes to leave that poor boy alone! It's sexual harassment at this point. He literally doesn't leave him alone. Zell is another one that tries it. Desperate clout chasers."

"I wonder how does nas feel about this. no one deserves embarrassing sexual cyber harassment. I wonder does he have Bobby blocked ?. X3 if you need help just holler and we'll help you," another fan wondered. "If a female made this thirsty a** comment like Bobby did she would be getting dragged. He needs to chill out. Doing way too much," someone else echoed the sentiment.

However, a person defended Bobby, writing, "What do you expect? Lil Nas is an adult. He is out here half naked with a towel wrapped around his waist thrusting. Ofc the gays will be coming out and sharing their anticipation in regards to his seductive form. Bobby drooling can be seen from the screen. He has always been a thirsty one."

"Yeah it's Thirsty but it's no different from men who thirst over women who are several years younger. Lil Nas x is 21 correct? Bobby is 29. That's not that big of an age difference but yes Thirsty is Thirsty," added another user.

Bobby has been vocal about his crush on Nas ever since the "Old Town Road" rapper came out as gay last year. He even named Nas his new Man Crush on Monday through an Instagram post that featured him rocking a cowboy outfit. In addition to that, he was caught on camera excitedly cheering for Nas when he won an award at the 2019 MTV VMAs but got ignored.

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