Lil Baby Claims He Was Once a Victim of Police Brutality
Rolling Stone Magazine

The 'Bigger Picture' hitmaker also addresses black-to-white racism in a new interview, saying, 'I feel like if you're a black person and you treat all black people one way and all white people one way, you're racist.'

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby has been showing his support for Black Lives Matter movement in all kinds of way, including releasing his pro-BLM song "The Bigger Picture". Now, in a new interview for his recent cover story with Rolling Stone, the "We Paid" rapper shared his own experience of being a victim of police brutality.

"I've been a victim of police brutality," he claimed. The hip-hop star also explained how race impacts America's prison and judicial system. "I’ve been in prison where white officers control you. I've been in a court system where white judges give you a different time than they would give someone white."

"There have been times I had a physical altercation with an officer, and he then grabbed me and took me to a room where there's no camera," he detailed. "We have a physical altercation and left me in a room for about an hour. I'm in there yelling and screaming."

However, he noted that he was "so accustomed to it" and that "we don't even make it no big deal." Baby continued, "Ain’t nothing we gon' be able to do about it. I'm from Atlanta, where they had a unit of police that got dismantled for police brutality. The Red Dogs got dismantled for using way too much force. ... That s**t an everyday thing where I'm from."

In the interview, Baby also said that racism exists in almost every aspect of America. "Damn near every system that got a job is a racist system. You know what I mean? CEOs be like old white people. You never know, they got to be some kind of racist 'cause at some certain age, your parent, that was the way of life almost," he said.

As for black-to-white racism or reverse racism, Baby believes that it's not impossible. "To me, a racist is someone who treats a different race than theirs a different way than they would treat theirs," the musician said.

"I feel like if you're a black person and you treat all black people one way and all white people one way, you're racist. I'm not a racist, so I give a white person a chance to talk and actually we get into it before I can say I don't like you or not," he added. "And I feel the same way about a black person. You ain't gon' be my buddy just 'cause you'’re black. Just straight up."

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