Alexandra Grant accuses a 67-year-old woman named Cathryn of 'stalking, cyberstalking, threats, harassment, and other annoying and alarming misconduct' after she was introduced as the actor's girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - Keanu Reeves' girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, has requested a restraining order against an obsessed fan of her movie star beau.

In documents, obtained by The Blast, the artist claims a 67-year-old woman, named Cathryn, has been behind "harassment" and "threatening conduct" she has experienced for months, ever since she was identified as the "John Wick" star's mate.

"The harassment commenced after Petitioner was romantically linked to world-famous actor Keanu Reeves, with whom Respondent is disturbingly obsessed," the complaint reads. "Mr. Reeves is aware and included in Respondent's numerous social media 'hate accounts', which are comprised of literally thousands of posts."

"Over the last several months, and ongoing daily, Ms. Grant has become the victim of an unrelenting and extreme course of conduct by Respondent, who is a stalker and complete stranger. Respondent's course of conduct has included stalking, cyberstalking, threats, harassment, and other annoying and alarming misconduct."

Grant also claims Cathryn has shown up at her home and constantly monitors and tracks her activities, "including posting photos of Ms. Grant's residence online". Keanu's girlfriend also alleges the woman has an extensive criminal history, including "felony convictions", and she fears the harassment will continue and escalate.

She has asked the court to order Cathryn to stay at least 100 yards away from her, her home and her work, and to stop contacting her on social media.

At press time, it appears a temporary order has been granted and a hearing on whether to extend the order will be scheduled.

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