Jayda Cheaves Defends Lil Baby for Cheating on Her, Gets Called 'Delusional'

Responding to a girl that tells her the rapper slid into her and her friends' DMs, the social media star says, 'If that's the case he slid in your dm to f**k sis.'

AceShowbiz - It looks like Jayda Cheaves' love towards Lil Baby is so big that she didn't mind him cheating on her. The social media star recently got involved in a back-and-forth with a girl who claimed that the rapper slid into both her and her friends' DMs.

Right after Jayda learned of this, she told the girl that she was unbothered by saying, "If that's the case he slid in your dm to f**k sis. Lol nothing more nothing less." She added, "You was gonna leave that room with a wet a** and that's it. & maybe JUST maybe a couple dollars. You and your friends are prostitutes I reckon?" Reading her response, the girl hit back, "You're delusional stay hurt sis. I said what I said… He also unsends msgs if you don't respond."

Jayda didn't respond to the girl again after that, but she said to one of her followers, "It's not acceptable but it's lying b***hes like this who feel like they're doing something when they say a n***a dmd them. None of if is right. And I'm far from delusional."

Many people have since urged Jayda to just let Baby go instead of defending him. "The fact that she so comfortable with her man sleeping with other females leaves me FLABBERGASTED," one said. "Jayda so embarrassing. Us females don't claim her," another commented. Someone else wrote, "So she alright with her man [email protected] ad long as she gets her money basically? The standards are getting lower and lower each year."

Jayda and Baby have been dating on-and-off for years. The two met through her sister around 2016 and connected almost instantly. The couple has a child together, a son named Loyal who was born in February 2019.

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