Kevin Costner and 'Yellowstone' Co-Stars Ordered to Two-Week Quarantine Ahead of Montana Filming
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Creator and director Taylor Sheridan claims to have spoken extensively with Governor Steve Bullock about his plans to start shooting the new series of the western drama.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Costner and his "Yellowstone" castmates have been ordered to quarantine for two weeks in rural Montana before they can start shooting the new series of the western drama.

Creator and director Taylor Sheridan has spoken to the state's Governor, Steve Bullock, about his filming plans and the official has green lighted the shoot as long as the cast and crew self-isolate upon arrival and then stay away from locals.

"We're supposed to start mid-August, and we're putting that together as best we can," Sheridan tells Deadline. "I'm fortunate that this show shoots on a ranch in Montana. We're going to shoot exclusively there this year, or in and around it."

"We've got the crew and the cast up there, and it's in an area of the state that has no active cases now. As long as we're very careful to not bring any in... Once we're there we'll be very cautious about how we move. The best thing we can do for the community is limit our interaction with them, really, for now. And everyone will just stay there for the duration."

"I've spoken with the Governor extensively about how to mitigate this. He was very fair and also very aware that Los Angeles is a hot spot (for the coronavirus), and that's where a fair amount of our crew and most of our cast lives. So he said, 'Hey, look, bring them in, quarantine them for two weeks, test them when they get here, test them when they leave, and just ask them to stay on your set or at their home until that time. And keep a programme of very rigid testing as you're going', which is what we'll do."

"I've spent a lot of time talking with my friend Tyler Perry, who is in a similar situation in that he's starting up (production) very soon. He has his own studio, I don't. He sent me some video the other day where he's building housing on his lot, where the cast and crew and everyone can stay right there, with a restaurant and everything. We're both debating the pros and cons of building a cantina and anything else we can do to get through this."

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