Rapper Sauce Walka Says His Preference to Only Date White Girls Is Good for Business

The Houston, Texas rapper, who earlier this year released a sex tape with his white girlfriend on Onlyfans, claims that black people don't value teamwork.

AceShowbiz - Sauce Walka clearly has no problem mixing his personal life and business, and he has now shared his key to make profits out of it. The Houston, Texas rapper, who has launched an Onlyfans page where he releases adult contents, reveals that he only dates white woman because it's good for business.

In a candid interview, Sauce brags about his fortune and his dating life. "I'm rich for real," so he claims. "I got White b***hes who wash my dishes and clean my clothes, and dry my body off when I get out the shower."

When asked if he would ever date a black woman, Sauce honestly replies, "I love black women and would f**k a Black b***h, but no I wouldn't date them." While he has nothing against black women, Sauce says his preference to only date white girls is a "good business decision," because he catches everyone's attention with their relationship.

As to why he won't do business with black women, Sauce, whose real name is Albert Walker Mondane, reasons that black people don't value teamwork.

Surprisingly, many people agree with Sauce's opinion on black people's work ethic. "Ppl gon try to 'cancel' him but what he speakin' is the truth," one person writes in the comment section of the interview video.

"Dude ain't saying nothing wrong, black women & men are broken," another weighs in, before adding, "but I love the hell outta my sistas that's all I'm attracted too." A third commenter also acknowledges this, saying, "I'm so glad we are starting to wake up to our own dysfunction."

"There's too much $ in the world to hate. He's right about teamwork," another defends Sauce, while someone else explains, "Yo that guy just said something too real I feel you sauce this independent stuff is out of control white people buy a house by property and pass it on to their kids they work as a unit, black people keep trying to be independent instead of being with the family."

Someone, however, disputes Sauce's claim about black people not being loyal to one another. "It's not that bro. It's just some of our people don't know how to disagree then come back together !! we work together fine it's just when things get rough some people get hard headed!!" the said person argues.

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