Talking with Evelyn Lozada on his radio show, the 'Masked Singer' host explains how he believes that 'men don't subscribe to monogamy because it's not natural for them.'

AceShowbiz - It's a known fact that Nick Cannon is not the monogamy type of person. While there's nothing wrong with that, the fact that he believes all men are just like him has rubbed a lot of people, especially ladies, the wrong way as they went on attacking the rapper and TV personality.

It all started after his conversation with Evelyn Lozada in the latest episode of his radio show, in which the "Basketball Wives" star revealed that she prefers relationships because of structure. Nick disagreed with that, pointing out that Evelyn just loves owning somebody and saying "this is mine."

"The Masked Singer" host then asked Evelyn whether she had found a man who loves just being with one person as he believes that "men don't subscribe to monogamy because it's not natural for them; it's not in their DNAs." Nick added that men have "hunting mentality" and are supposed to be "fruitful and multiply," saying that there aren't any men who are monogamous on Earth.

However, Evelyn still believed that there are men out there who subscribe to monogamy, prompting Nick to jokingly respond that they are all old men.

People did not take his remarks well. "So because He can't handle monogamy he now speaks for every man," one commented. "oh ok just checking And is he saying God got it wrong when creating Adam and Eve." Someone else said, "This is so disappointing that he is highlighting this point." One other person noted, "Did he say it’s not nature for men. But expects women to be Submissive and Faithful tho. That's funny."

An individual pointed out, "One person cant speak for the whole gender. Some men love being married and i believe males need companionship more than women. Men who dont feel that way will assume every guy is the same to justify his own mentality. Nuh boo." There was also one who said, "This is not true...don't believe the immature foolishness of this one person..I know plenty of men that are faithful."

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