K-Pop Star Mina Admits to Trying to Kill Herself Due to Being Bullied by Ex-Bandmate

In a lengthy Instagram post, the South Korean star details the time when her father passed away, her groupmate told her to stop her crying because it was ruining the mood.

AceShowbiz - Being a part of a group is not that easy, especially when you're not getting along well with one of your groupmates. This is how Kwon Mina, an ex-member of K-Pop girl group AOA, felt as she recently admitted to being bullied by her former groupmate to the point where she ended up hurting herself and even tried to commit suicide.

Mina took to her social media account to detail what happened during the time when she was still a part of AOA. In her post, she claimed that she was crying in the waiting room because her father passed away. However, instead of comforting her, one of her group mates dragged her to the closet and told her to stop crying because it was ruining the mood.

"Honestly, I'm okay even if you people never respect me as an idol or an actress. I know I'm terrible, I'm not good at anything. But I was really happy, and I tried really hard. I still love being in this area of work," she said. "I was never stressed about being an idol, and in truth, I never wanted to leave AOA; but because of one person who hated me, I gave up after enduring her bullying for 10 years and at the end of it all, I wanted to turn around and curse at her."

In the end, she decided to leave the group.

In her post, Mina also recalled the time when that groupmate's father passed away and she attended the funeral. "I felt so sad and strange. At least I know exactly how that feels. When I went to the funeral she came to my crying, telling me she was sorry. It was so unfulfilling, and my heart really broke down," she wrote. "Everything emptied itself after that. I felt okay, I let go of the blame but by then, I was already too broken. I’m scared."

Mina then admitted the pain was so deep that she still has to take medication whenever she remembers that moment.

Mina didn't name names in her post, though many already suspected that she was referring to Shin Jimin since her father passed away months ago. Jimin herself seemingly responded to the allegation by writing on Instagram Stories, "Fiction," before deleting it.

Her post apparently didn't go unnoticed by Mina because just shortly after that, she returned to her account to post a photo of her self-harm scars. The 26-year-old even name-dropped Jimin this time, confirming that it was indeed Jimin who had been bullying her for ten years.

"It's too terrifying to be considered fiction," she opened her statement. "I got treatment 3 or 4 times, now it has vanished a bit. But the memories of you will never vanish from my head, and it's driving me crazy everyday, Jimin unnie. Sue you? I don't have the money for that. Compensation for psychological damages? I don't need that, I don't even have the thoughts for that."

She continued, "The fact that you ruined my life is very unfair and painful to me. All I want is for you to stand in front of me, acknowledge all the wrong-doings you've done so far, and a sincere apology. That's all. As someone who has bullied me all this time, you're doing way too fine and on the other side, I'm having a hard time to open my eyes every day, but I have to do it to support my family. Please acknowledge what you've done and apologize. I want to relieve this huge knot I have in my mind. Okay?"

Jimin has yet to respond back.

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