Russell Crowe Misses His Sons as the Kids Prefer to Stay in the City During Lockdown

The 'Gladiator' actor reveals his sons chose to stay in the city instead of quarantining with him at the family's estate in the Australian Bush during the lockdown.

AceShowbiz - Russell Crowe has been missing his sons during lockdown as they preferred staying in the city to quarantining him at his home in the Australian Bush.

The Aussie star spent lockdown at his sprawling property in the outback but has been without his sons Tennyson, 13, and Charles, 16, as he finalised his divorce from their mother, Danielle in 2018.

Explaining how Covid-19 had kept him away from his boys in an interview with U.K. daytime TV show "This Morning", he says, "We don't have the same household anymore, there's two households because I divorced their mum."

Revealing that the teenagers had chosen to stay with Danielle rather than self-isolate with him in the Bush, he adds, "And so they live a lot of the time with their mum, but there was the opportunity with them going into isolation for them to come to the Bush, which is totally set up for that kind of situation, but they both decided they would prefer to stay in the big city (Sydney), surrounded by population because of their access to Uber Eats!"

"So I just had to take it on the chin and deal with, but it's school holidays here at the moment and so things are significantly more relaxed than they were three months ago so I'm hoping to see them very shortly."

In addition to missing his kids, the "Gladiator" star is missing going to cinema, saying, "I want to go back to that room and sit and watch a great story unfold.. It's a really solid touchstone that has been in our lives for a hundred years or more now."

The star's latest film "Unhinged" is scheduled to be one of the first to return to cinemas after they reopen following the easing of lockdowns in many countries across the world - with it currently scheduled to open on the 17 July.

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