Steve Greene and Nikki Limo Respond to Backlash Over Trayvon Martin Joke With Shane Dawson

In another part of their resurfaced 2014 video, the three YouTube stars were also 'talking s**t' about Martin Luther King, suggesting that he didn't deserve to have a 'day.'

AceShowbiz - Drama surrounding Shane Dawson after he was caught making an inappropriate joke towards young Willow Smith appears to get fellow YouTube stars Steve Greene and Nikki Limo dragged in. The pair landed in hot water after an old clip of the trio playing "Talking S**t Challenge" resurfaced online.

The 2014 video in question saw them making a joke over Trayvon Martin's death among other things. The game required them to talk bad about the person written in the paper that they randomly picked, and Shane got Trayvon, who was shot to death back in 2012 when walking back alone to his dad's fiancee's house from a nearby convenience store, in his paper.

"Well, maybe if you weren't walking around the street and you had a job...," Shane said at the time, adding, "It's a game!" In another part of the video, they were also "talking s**t" about Martin Luther King, suggesting that he didn't deserve to have a "day."

In response to the problematic video, people were unsurprisingly enraged and slammed Steve and Nikki alongside Shane. "to Trayvon Martin, i am so sorry disgusting people made jokes and laughed at your death as if it's funny. we got you.... and as for Shane Dawson, Steve Greene, and Nikki Limo, come outside, yes we finna jump you," one Twitter user wrote. "ALSO nikki limo and steve greene better feel lucky that their careers are already dead bc they deserve to be ended for that," another person added.

"here's a video of shane dawson and his friends steve greene and nikki limo 'talking s**t' about mlk !! they were grown a** adults trying to find any excuse to be racist for 'content' or 'entertainment,' " a user exposed them.

Later, Steve and Nicki broke their silence over the criticism. In their defense, Nicki said, "Just to give context, I'm not telling you how to feel about us. I'm not trying to convince you of anything, but I really think that context matters because that's not the video was video about at all. And it was not what anybody was laughing at, at all."

"I designed this challenge to be impossible," Steve explained. "Back then, everyone did challenge videos. It was supposed to be hard to do." They also noted that the names in the list for the challenge included Jesus, Mother Teresa and John F. Kennedy.

"Whether or not you think that that joke is funny, that the premise is funny, to roast really good people or pure people, that's totally objective," Nicki added. "So, if you saw that video and you were hurt by it, I am so sorry because that was definitely not our intent at all. I would never contribute to that hurt."

However, some fans were not satisfied. "Steve Greene and Nikki Limo's whack a** 'apology'. we need to leave these people who were never funny in the first place in 2020 and then bundle them up and put them where all of them belong-the trash," one fan wrote.

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