Russell Crowe Bans His Mother From Watching His Movie 'Unhinged'
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The 'Gladiator' actor is apparently not comfortable having his mom watch him play a crazy man who follows a mother-and-son duo following a road rage confrontation.

AceShowbiz - Russell Crowe has banned his mother from watching his new movie "Unhinged".

The 56-year-old actor stars as The Man in the psychological thriller, which tells the tale of a case of road rage which turns into a real-life nightmare for a woman and her son as they are followed by an unstable driver they honked at.

And while Russell has a selection of more family-friendly films, such as "A Good Year", "Robin Hood", and "Les Miserables" under his belt, "Unhinged" is one he won't be suggesting that his mum tunes in for.

"I've actually told her she's not allowed to see this one," he laughed during an interview with U.S. TV show "Extra". "There's occasionally movies that come along that I do that I don't like her to see. And I think that this one's under that heading."

Russell is currently shielding in Australia with his mother and father, Jocelyn and John.

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