'RuPaul's Drag Race' Contestant Gia Gunn Backtracks on 'COVID-19 Is a Hoax' Comments After Backlash

The 30-year-old drag queen earlier raised eyebrow as she suggested that the pandemic and the resulting precautions that people take were exaggerated by the government.

AceShowbiz - Gia Gunn apparently has a second thought about coronavirus and the crisis it has caused. The drag performer, whose real name is Gia Keitaro Ichikawa, has backtracked on her earlier comment in which she appeared to downplay the severity of the pandemic.

"I think the whole mask thing is f**king ridiculous," the 30-year-old reality TV star said in an Instagram Live video which went viral on Friday, June 26. "I honestly think this whole COVID-19 thing is a hoax," so she claimed.

Gia, who competed in the sixth season of "RuPaul's Drag Race" before appearing in season 4 of the show's "All Stars" edition, continued, "I think everybody who is, you know, taking precautions is cute and it's definitely the thing to do, but I also think a lot of people are brainwashed. I think the more and more that we look around and see each other with masks on, the more influenced we are going to be to also put our masks on, which then to me, insinuates that everything is not ok."

Suggesting that the situation has been exaggerated by the government, she added, "I'm here to tell you guys that I think things are more okay than the government is allowing you to think."

Noticing this, people blasted Gia and warned her that her comments could be a danger to public health. "you know I love & support you. Always have. I have a hard time getting behind this. People are dying, daily, worldwide. Please rethink what you put out into the universe," one person tweeted. "Even if this is your opinion, it's extremely irresponsible for your fans. WEAR A MASK PEOPLE." Another added, "The 120,000+ dead Americans don't agree with Gia. But okay girl. Act a fool."

Also among the critics was fellow queen Aquaria, who told Gia to just "put on your stupid mask." Aquaria continued, "And let it be a reminder to not open your mouth when trying to influence your followers to practice the same unsafe actions you feel entitled to. People are still dying. Be grateful its not you or I right now."

Gia later took to Twitter to address the controversy that she caused, acknowledging, "It's time for Miss Gia to take her own advice and do better." She urged her followers to take the necessary steps to stop the spreading of the novel virus, saying in a video, "It's time for us to put our masks back on."

"I thank you and commend you so much for setting the example that I wish I would have," she added. "But I'm here now to encourage you all that when you do put your mask on to please try and help promote the trans community."

Gia also admitted to her mistake, saying, "I thank you all so much for correcting me, educating me, and informing me," while suggesting that fans should use the opportunity to support designers donating to good causes.

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