Lisa Rinna Claims 'Karens' Try to Get Her Fired From QVC Due to Political Views

Despite that, the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star continues to use her platform to show support for black community, LGBTQ+ community and some other causes.

AceShowbiz - Being outspoken almost costs Lisa Rinna her job. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, June 24 to share that someone whom she described as "Karens" tried to get her fired from QVC.

"I am sad to report it would now seem I can't use my platform to inform or question or say how I feel politically because the Karen's have bombarded QVC begging them to fire me and saying they will no longer buy my clothes," the designer of the Lisa Rinna Collection wrote in the post.

She continued, "It is a shame that I must be muzzled in order to support my family but that it just what it is. Remember you know how I feel. Use your voice and vote."

Lisa Rinna shares she's almost fired from QVC

Lisa Rinna claimed that some 'Karens' begged QVC to fire her.

Although her opinions might cause her some issues, that didn't stop Lisa from using her platform to voice her views on things. On Thursday, the Bravo personality continued to show support for black community, LGBTQ+ community and some other causes. She shared an image featuring words such as "Black Lives Matter," "Love is love," "Science is real," "Humans are not illegal" and "Kindness is everything."

Some fans quickly responded to the post as some of them were concerned about the recent issue she faced at QVC. "Hey Lisa! I heard about QVC and how a group tried to silence your voice! I love you because of your voice! Speak your truth! This is not the time to be silenced! You are a rockstar!" a supportive fan wrote in the comment section. "Thank you Lisa for not standing down!!!!! This makes my heart happy," another user chimed in.

"I have to say... the more I read you and watch you on either your videos, or your #rhobh , the more I like you as a human being! You are an extraordinary woman. Kind. Hustler, real, and loving! You're actually my favorite on the show. You don't let you fame and wealth inflate your ego! Gosh I hope not! I really love your close relationship with your mother. Not all of us have that luxury," another fan raved.

QVC has yet to comment on Lisa's claims.

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