Police Investigate Death Threats Against Shaun King by Former Officers After His 'White Jesus' Tweet

The alleged death threats are brought to light by the far-left activist who claims that some police officers have created a private Facebook page dedicated to plotting his execution.

AceShowbiz - Long Beach police are investigating alleged death threats targeted at Shaun King after he made controversial comments about the depiction of Jesus. The department confirmed on Thursday that investigators are currently looking into a private Facebook group, which the far-left activist said was created to plot his assassination.

Shaun shared in a Medium post on Thursday, June 25 screenshots of posts in the unnamed group. He outlined what he claimed is evidence that California law enforcement officials are "openly plotting to kill me and organizing each other to execute it."

The writer said the threats started when former Long Beach police officer Laura Tartaglione shared one of his tweets and wrote, "I think California needs to start putting a team together of retired military, police, and NRA Members. These criminals that the Democrats created need to be stopped."

Others later chimed in, with one retired Los Angeles police officer named Jerry De Rosa writing that they "need a sniper." Another wrote, "Shaun King needs to be put down."

In a statement released on Thursday, the Long Beach Police Department called the posts "incredibly disturbing" and said it would conduct a criminal investigation with assistance from the FBI. It confirmed that three former officers from its force were involved, but none of the personnel involved are currently on its force.

"Although we have one current employee with the same name as a member of the Facebook group, this employee is not involved in the online group," the department stressed. "We also have no information indicating that any other current LBPD employees are involved in this situation."

Assuring that it takes the threats seriously, the department stated that the "tone and content of the posts ... in no way reflect the core values and professional standards held by the men and women in our organization."

Shaun was previously under fire after he said that white Jesus is "white supremacist" and suggested the removal of all statues depicting Jesus as white European. "If your religion requires Jesus to be a blonde haired blue eyed Jesus, then your religion is not Christianity, but white supremacy," he tweeted earlier this week. "Christian whiteness, not white Christianity, has been the primary religion of this country for hundreds of years."

Despite the backlash, the 40-year-old refused to backtrack on his remarks and mocked people's reactions. "Hilarious," he wrote in an Instagram post along with a screenshot of headlines about his controversial statements. "If you Google 'Jesus' right now it's me that comes up first." He reiterated, "They are triggered. Again, if your faith requires Jesus to be a blonde haired blue eyed British man, then your faith is not Christianity, it's whiteness. You are worshipping whiteness."

He additionally revealed that he had "received about 20 death threats in the past 12 hours since I said that statues of white European Jesus are a tool of oppression for white supremacy and should be taken down. It pretty much proves my point. Your religion is actually whiteness with a Christian patina."

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