In a recent episode of 'New Hollywood' podcast, the 'Harriet' star reveals what her mother Edith wrote about what she thought her daughter would become when she was still a toddler.

AceShowbiz - "Harriet" star Cynthia Erivo's mother felt sure her daughter was headed for a showbusiness career almost before she could walk.

The singer/actress was born in London to Nigerian parents, and Cynthia couldn't believe her eyes when she read what her mum Edith wrote about her when she was still a tot.

"I was raised by my mum solely and I feel like she kind of knew (my career) before," she says in the latest episode of Deadline's "New Hollywood" podcast. "She had this baby book and... there was a little bit in the back that asks what you think your child will be. The first time she writes... that I was going to be a singer/actor because I hummed when I ate."

"And then the second time she writes, when I was about two... that she thinks I'm going to be an actress and a doctor because I started copying what she was doing. She was a nurse and... she would write prescriptions and have her uniform and get everything sorted for the week and I would copy what she was doing. But I think that was actually probably the actor part of me going, 'Oh I want to play this,' and she noticed that."

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