Ashley Graham Shares Intimate Breastfeeding Moment in First Magazine Photoshoot

In the accompanying interview, the plus-size model opens up about her struggles with the physical changes she experienced after discovering she was pregnant, and the joy of motherhood.

AceShowbiz - Ashley Graham is pictured nursing her newborn son Isaac in her first photoshoot since giving birth back in January.

The model stuns in a pure white shirt dress in the portrait, which was shot by her husband Justin Ervin in her home state of Nebraska for Harper's Bazaar U.K.

In the accompanying interview, Ashley admits, that while she's spent much of her career promoting a message of body positivity, she struggled with the physical changes she experienced after discovering she was pregnant.

"That was the wildest part," she shares. "I thought, 'What about the things I've told myself? What about the affirmations I've gone through?' None of these mattered because my body was changing so rapidly."

"It really took me some time to figure it out mentally, because it was like there was an alien taking over my body."

However, the joy of motherhood soon took over, as she explains: "I was so excited. I knew immediately I was going to be a great mum."

Ashley goes on to recall her son's birth, and jokes that Justin was left twiddling his thumbs as he felt helpless during his wife's labour.

"Justin wanted to be as helpful as possible, and the midwife told him: there's nothing you can do, nothing! I was in the pool, and I looked over to see him in the kitchen cutting up meat and adding seasoning, because it was all he could do...".

However, she added: "If I hadn't had my midwives or even Justin in the room, the whole experience would have been a very different one for me."

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