Watch: J.R. Smith Beats Up Up Protester Vandalizing Car

Before things get twisted, the former athlete clarifies in an Instagram video that 'this ain't no hate crime,' adding, 'I ain't got no problem with anybody who doesn't have a problem with me. '

AceShowbiz - Former NBA player J.R. Smith was seen engaging into a physical altercation with a man during protests in Los Angeles. A video that was obtained by TMZ, Smith was beating the man who was said to be breaking his truck window.

The footage featured Smith kicking the man, who was on the ground, several. The man eventually managed to flee before two of Smith's friends approached Smith to stop him.

Addressing the matter in an Instagram Story video, Smith explained, "I just want y'all to know right now before you all see this shit somewhere else. One of these little motherf***ing white boys didn't know where he was going and broke my f***ing window in my truck."

"I chased him down and whooped his a**," Smith added. "So, if the footage come out and y'all see it, I chased him down and whooped his a**. He broke my window."

Before things got twisted, Smith clarified that "this ain't no hate crime," adding, "I ain't got no problem with anybody who doesn't have a problem with me. There's a problem with the motherf***ing system and that's it. That motherf***er broke my window and I whooped his a**. He didn't know whose window he broke, and he got his a** whooped."

According to TMZ, Smith parked his truck in a residential area, located near the Flight Club on Fairfax Ave. It was among the stores looted this weekend.

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