Gordon Ramsay Recalls Hiding From Great White Shark During Filming of 'Uncharted' Show

When appearing on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', the celebrity chef talks about the scary experience he had during a dive for giant crayfish off the coast of Tasmania at the end of 2019.

AceShowbiz - Top chef Gordon Ramsay found himself cowering behind a rock from a great white shark when an underwater stunt for his travel show, "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted", went awry.

The Brit was filming an episode for the second season of the series when he decided to go diving for giant crayfish off the coast of Tasmania at the end of 2019 and realised when he was just about to hit the water he was in danger.

"I had my gear on and my guide said, 'Look, just be careful - where we're diving is the sort of Great White highway... Here's what happens when we see one: hit the floor straight away and make sure you punch it on the nose'," Gordon tells pop star and talk show host Kelly Clarkson, revealing he was also concerned about getting his breathing tube twisted in his first Snuba dive.

"We were off the end of the boat... and we had a hose and I was getting wrapped in the kelp and this hose and I saw a shark, so I dived under this rock and I swear to God I thought the bubbles were coming from my hose but they were actually coming from my a**e."

But he would not have traded the experience for anything.

"The visibility was so beautiful there...," he adds. "It was just like this amazing oasis down there and you're upside down, going over these crevices getting these huge crayfish out and then, literally an hour later, you're on the beach eating something you just caught."

And now Ramsay is considering putting his 18-year-old daughter in front of the cameras for an "Unchartered Junior" show, adding, "She's the sort of up-and-coming young chef in the house... Maybe at the end of the year when we go back out on the road and take her with us... I think it's really important that they (kids) understand the origins of food."

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