Naomi Campbell Unveiled as First-Ever Global Face of Pat McGrath Labs

The British supermodel will make her debut as the cosmetics brand's ambassador in advertisements for its upcoming Mothership VIII Divine Rose II Eye Palette.

AceShowbiz - Naomi Campbell has been unveiled as the first-ever global face of longtime friend Pat McGrath's cosmetics brand.

The pair announced the venture on Thursday, May 28, after working together for 25 years, and the British supermodel will now represent Pat McGrath Labs.

"I am so honoured to not only be working with a legend who has changed the face of beauty forever, but to be working with a friend and a sister who I love and adore," McGrath told Vogue.

The two first met in 1994, and Campbell believes their collaboration is all the more meaningful because they are both people of colour in the fashion industry.

"I believe in her as a friend and as chosen family, but I also want to see her do well for the industry overall. I want to see a person of colour at the top," Campbell said.

Campbell will make her debut as the Pat McGrath Labs ambassador in ads for the brand's upcoming Mothership VIII Divine Rose II Eye Palette.

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