Halsey Calls New Album a Love Letter to Her Bipolar Disorder

The 'Without Me' singer says she made peace with her mental illness during the making of her third studio album appropriately called 'Manic' which was released in January.

AceShowbiz - Halsey has opened up about accepting her bipolar disorder in a new YouTube series for Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2020.

The "Without Me" singer took part in the Artist Spotlight Stories with psychologist Snehi Kapur and discussed finally making peace with herself after being diagnosed in her teens and experiencing drastic moodswings.

"In the process of making this album, I had to make peace with this manic version of myself," she said of recording her latest release, Manic, which reached listeners in January, noting the album is a "love letter" to bipolar disorder.

Halsey, who was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for a 17-day stay after attempting suicide at the aged of 17, moved on to discuss the difficult social problems she's had to navigate while managing her own mental health. "I think that our culture, in a way, has an obsession and a distaste for the 'crazy woman,' " she said. "We love her but we also weaponise that word against her... The way that they (media) can take the narrative away from you after you've chosen to share it is what's one of the most terrifying parts."

Halsey is also often puzzled by fans who insist she doesn't look like someone with mental health struggles. "They see a young woman who's achieving all of these goals," she explained.

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