JoJo Siwa Shows Mature Look in New TikTok Video Ahead of Her 17th Birthday

The 'Dance Moms' alum's new TikTok video quickly goes viral as it features her trading her signature high side-ponytail and colorful outfit for a more natural, mature look.

AceShowbiz - JoJo Siwa is trending on social media once again. The Internet star set tongues wagging after she ditched her signature side-ponytail in an new video she uploaded on her TikTok account on Monday, May 18.

In the viral video, the "Dance Moms"  alum took part in the popular "Wipe It Down" challenge. The challenge saw the users wiping down a mirror to reveal an alter ego.

In JoJo's version, she was first featured donning her super-high ponytail and large bows which she paired with a sequin puffer jacket. However, once she wiped down the mirror, she traded the look for a more natural, mature one.

Instead of colorful outfit, the dancer was in a casual Gucci t-shirt. She also let her long blonde hair down. "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW," so she captioned the clip.

Fans were psyched to see her new look as they speculated that JoJo might abandon her old style as she's going to be 17 soon. "IS SHE SAYING THAT HER NEW AGE WILL MEAN SHE TRIES OUT DIFFERENT STYLES????" an excited fan said. Another fan added, "She looks good with her hair down. Girl needs to give her scalp a break because she's about to have three hairs left with that tight af ponytail."

Referring to rumors that JoJo was required to keep the style because of a contract, someone commented, "That's wild. I didn't even think that she had to keep her ponytail in for a damn contract, messing up her hairline all those years just to fit a brand. I'm glad she can be a regular teen now but let's hope she doesn't go full wild [Miley Cyrus], maybe half Miley."

Good for her," another comment read. "She can still be 'kid friendly' and act like a normal teenager/young adult as long as she doesn't go off the deep end and start doing the most to prove she's 'grown' like some child stars tend to do. She's just going to have to find her own gray area/balance."

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