Reginae Carter Denies Being Kicked Out of Lori Harvey's Squad

During a recent Instagram Live, Reginae shuts down rumors that she has a bad blood with Lori and Taina Williams and that she's kicked out of the squad because she 'doesn't fit in.'

AceShowbiz - Reginae Carter and Lori Harvey used to be spending a lot of times together, so when people started to notice Reginae's absence in recent photos that Lori and her squad posted on social media, they started to speculate if the daughter of Lil Wayne was kicked out of the group. Seemingly catching wind of the rumors, Reginae took to her Instagram account to address the matter.

During a recent Instagram Live, Reginae denied having a bad blood with Lori and Taina Williams and being kicked out of the squad because she "doesn't fit in." The "T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle" star said in the clip, "Stop saying I don't fit in. OK? Stop making up stories. OK guys? ... I have no problems with Taina, I have no problems with Lori."

She went on adding that they remain friends and still contact each other just fine. "They're all my friends, we're cool, we talk, it's no problem," she detailed. "So for y'all to tell me I don't fit in with a group when them girls live in LA together and I live in Atlanta. OK?"

"So I can't show my beach body--I can't be in the pictures, so that's what it is," Reginae added. "We all cute, we all cute as hell!"

Prior to this, rumors spread that Reginae was probably dumped by the group when Taina shared on Instagram pictures of her with Taina as well as two other friends, Asia Carter and Amaya Colon, gathering up for a poolside party on Thursday, May 7. The four girls were seen lounging and flaunting their oiled-up bodies in bikinis.

Reacting to the post, a fan wrote in the comment section, "They didn't want to include reginae cause she's thicker?? Cause they said she didn't fit the look & I'm guessing this the look." Another similarly guessed, "Guess reginae didn't fit their look that's why they're no longer friends."

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