Jana Kramer Reveals Son Has Hair Follicle Tumor

The country music singer says her 16-month-old son needs surgery to remove a rare birthmark on his scalp as soon as possible and asks for advice from followers.

AceShowbiz - Country singer Jana Kramer's son needs surgery to remove a birthmark on his scalp.

Jace, who is only 16 months old, has a benign nevus sebaceous on his head and the star is hoping to get it cut out as soon as hospitals aren't crammed full of coronavirus sufferers.

"We have to get it removed," she said. "I'm not sure if I should do surgery, obviously we are not going to do it now during corona time (sic)."

A nevus sebaceous is a rare birthmark often technically classified as a hair follicle tumour.

In a new Instagram video, Jana also reveals that she and her husband, Michael Caussin, are not sure they should schedule the surgery now or wait until their son is a little older.

"I'm worried about the scalp and the hairline," the "Whiskey" singer added. "Scalps don't stop growing 'til they are 18, but I don't want to wait 'til he is 18. It can look really nasty and kids are mean."

Jana has asked followers who have had similar experiences to get in touch and offer up their advice.

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