Jana Kramer Cherishes Her Babymoon With Fiance Allan Russell Despite Hospitalization

The former 'One Tree Hill' star reveals that she had to be hospitalized for a number of days due to a problem in her kidneys during her trip to Florida with the former soccer player.

AceShowbiz - Jana Kramer cherished her babymoon with Allan Russell despite her health problem. Making use of social media, the former "One Tree Hill" star revealed that she had to be hospitalized for a number of days while on a vacation with her fiance.

On Sunday, October 15, the 39-year-old actress made use of Instagram to voice her appreciation for the good time she spent together with Allan in Florida despite her hospitalization. She expressed, "Upside of not feeling good in Florida…this view. Though it was only one day to enjoy it we soaked up every minute. I love you @superiorstriker."

Along with the revelation, Jana uploaded a series of photos from the babymoon. In the snaps, she and her 42-year-old fiance could be seen having a blast on a beach with a jaw-dropping view. The two shared a kiss while posing for a picture together as they placed their hands on her growing baby bump.

Jana also offered details about the hospitalization in a previous post. "Well. Our babymoon didn't go as planned but there were some lessons learned," she wrote alongside photos of her and Allan in a hospital room. "First off and most important, baby is good. Swipe to hear his sweet heartbeat. The back pain I've been dealing with for weeks wasn't just back pain. Lesson number one…don't just brush off pain, because it can be more serious than u think."

The "Laid to Rest" actress further explained, "So many times (moms especially) just brush off pain because we are the last ones to take care of ourselves. When I posted about my back hurting a week ago I just had chalked it up to pregnancy and didn't tell the doctors because back pain is 'normal' so 'don't be a wimp' is what I thought. Then someone very sweet in my dms sent me a message that it could possibly be my kidney. (I've since thanked her for her dm)."

"But not wanting to ruin our babymoon or be sometimes how I can be (slight hypochondriac…and que my closests friends to laugh at slight) we boarded the plane to Florida," she went on to recall. "When we landed I just couldn't handle the pain anymore and I started to feel even more sick so we went to the hospital. Long story short it was a bad bacterial infection that got into the kidneys."

"This resulted in a 2 day stay in hospital and antibiotics because I let it get passed where I should have," Jana stated. "So. Lesson. Listen to ur body. Ur not a baby or inconveniencing people. If u hurt, talk to ur doctor. Leaving things for too long or not taking care of yourself when ur not feeling good can become very serious."

Near the end of the caption, Jana thanked Allan and medical staff. "Also shout out to this amazing man who I begged to go sleep at the beautiful hotel he got for us but instead slept on a pull out chair..*Tip... Find u a man who doesnt make u feel bad or leave ur side when ur not feeling good," she exclaimed. "Shout out to the nurses at Good Samaritan hospital in west palm. Y'all were the sweetest. Xx."

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