The silhouette of the Bad Boy Entertainment founder's supposed new bae is reflected on his sunglasses, prompting social media users to question her gender.

AceShowbiz - Social media users always have something to say about Sean "P. Diddy" Combs a.k.a. Diddy's love life. After being done bashing him about his controversial relationship with Lori Harvey, people are now clowning the hip-hop mogul over his alleged new girlfriend, whom they suspect to be a transgender.

Chatter about Diddy's supposed new bae began after he posted on his Instagram page on Thursday, May 8 a video of him "sending love" to his fans and followers during this "crazy time." He was seen sitting in his house, with house music blasting in the background.

At first glance, the 50-year-old rapper appeared to be alone. However, after a close look, he turned out to be in the company of a woman, whose silhouette was reflected on his sunglasses. But people soon questioned the gender identity of the "womanesque" figure who was with Diddy, with people asking on Twitter whether the "woman" in the video was male, female or transgender.

"lmaoo is that a woman or man," one poked fun at the video. Another curious fan posed the same question as writing, "Don't tell me that's a man." Sharing another bewildered thought, someone else commented, "dead a** thought the same thing.. that look rather dude-ish."

"hat had to be a man!! I thought I saw a peen hanging and the physique," a fourth person made a wild guess. Echoing the opinion, someone else wrote, "my vote...a man."

While people are still guessing about Diddy's alleged new girlfriend and her gender, the "I Need a Girl" hitmaker recently called his late ex Kim Porter as "the one" for him. Offering a "PSA [public service announcement]" to all the men out there, he said during a chat with Fat Joe on Instagram Live back in April.

"To all the playboys," he said, "When you find that one, don't be playin' around with it. 'Cause they're rare. Y'know what I'm sayin'? It's rare. Somebody that's gonna understand you, be there for you unconditionally." Sharing his regret, he admitted, "I feel like she was the one for me, and you know, I played around. [God] changed me as a man and be able to appreciate love."

During the Live session, Diddy also unveiled a huge monument he constructed of Kim in his backyard.

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