Jasmine Sanders Denies She and Jeezy Ever Dated After He's Accused of Sliding Into Her DMs

The model has set things straight about her tweets, which raised suspicion that the rapper might not be faithful to his fiancee Jeannie Mai, saying that the ex she was talking about is not him.

AceShowbiz - Jasmine Sanders did not expose Jeezy (previously known as Young Jeezy) for sliding into her DMs. The model has set things straight after speculation went wild that the rapper might be hitting on her after she blasted an ex who kept checking on her despite him currently being engaged to another woman.

Jasmine, who is also known as Golden Barbie, said the ex she was talking about was not Jeezy. In fact, they never dated. "Jeezy and I never dated. He did not slide in my DMs. Stop reaching. You have the wrong guy," she tweeted on Friday, April 1.

Previously, Jasmine tweeted, "You gone regret hitting me up. Trust. It's quarantine- I got time to hit you with the facts. Like- 'how's your girlfriend? does your fiance know you sliding in dms- CHILL' You got the Wrong one."

She continued blasting her ex-boyfriend, "If we 'talked' and you have 'moved on' ... MOVE ON... stop checking on me. Cuz I'm just sitting here laughing." When a fan asked her who she was referring to, the 28-year-old beauty replied, "If I wanted y'all to know I would've tagged his name when I posted it. He saw it." She went on assuring her followers, "Don't worry - he hasn't been hitting me since."

While she didn't name the ex-fiance in her tweets, people have been speculating that she was referring to Jeezy. "She used to date Jeezy so it obviously him," one person claimed. "Fiance ?! Jeezy the only one I can think of but he acting like he in love love," another tried to depicher the clue given by the model. "Only one engaged is Jeezy," a third person pointed out, as others claimed that Jasmine has other exes.

Jeezy didn't directly respond to the allegation, but he said in a recent interview that he's not playing with his fiancee Jeannie Mai. Saying that Jeannie is "the one" for him, he admitted to have learned a lesson from Sean "P. Diddy" Combs who recently advised men not play with "the one." He said in his own words, "When you get the one, you can't play with it. You just know." He added, "You can't play with it."

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