Nick Cordero's Severely-Damaged Lungs Filled With Holes Amid Struggle With Coronavirus

The 'Bullets Over Broadway' actor's severely-damaged lungs look like someone who's been smoking for 50 years following his coronavirus battle which led to leg amputation.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cordero is suffering more setbacks on the road to recovery following his coronavirus diagnosis.

While the Broadway star recently tested negative for the virus, he remains in a coma following an intense battle with Covid-19, which resulted in him having one of his legs amputated and a temporary pacemaker fitted due to an irregular heartbeat.

The Tony Award-winning actor's wife, Amanda Kloots, has been updating fans on his progress online and, on Thursday, April 30, 2020, she revealed it had been a "very hard couple of days due to more health traumas."

"It started off with low blood count and luckily Nick's CT scans came back clear of internal bleeding as of now, so that was a huge blessing, huge blessing," she said. However, she added "that due to Covid, Nick's lungs are severely damaged."

"(His lungs) look like he's been a smoker for 50 years, they said. They're that damaged," she explained. "There are holes in his lungs, where obviously you don't want holes to be."

Doctors discovered the lung damage after finding a low oxygen count, prompting a closer look and a cleaning of the actor's lungs.

"I think the plan today is to do a scan with ink to light up his lungs so that they can get a better picture of what's going on," Kloots explained. "They want to find out from this culture what the fungus is so that they can specifically give the right medication to attack that fungus."

She added, "He's been fighting. He's been fighting really hard. He told me that if it was his brother in there, that he would not be giving up hope...So I'm not giving up hope. I am not giving up hope."

The "Rock of Ages" actor has been fighting for his life in a Los Angeles hospital intensive care unit since last month, when he was initially thought to be suffering from pneumonia.

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