Freddie Gibbs and Jay Versace Hilariously Roast Each Other in Instagram Live

The playful back-and-forth between the two starts after Jay, who recently produced Westside Gunn's 'Versace', asks when the 'Built Like This' rapper will 'roast them beats' he sent over.

AceShowbiz - Freddie Gibbs' Instagram posts are filled with funny stuff and when he and producer Jay Versace linked up in a recent Instagram Live broadcast, things got equally hilarious. During the livestreaming, the two were playfully throwing insults.

This started after the producer, who recently produced Westside Gunn's "Versace", asked Freddie when he would "roast them beats" he sent over. Freddie responded, "You did send me some beats. And aye, look -- and them s**ts was hard. You're a weird n***a but you talented."

In response to the backhanded compliments, Jay fired back, "You a weird n***a! What the f**k?! That dog weird. That shirt weird. Them wrinkles in your head weird." Not really bothered with the diss, Freddie shrugged his shoulders and said, "That's your personal opinion." He continued, "My dog don't give a f**k about you. He'll bite the s**t out you."

Jay didn't let Freddie have the last laugh as he kept it going. "F**k your dog with them big a** ears. N***a, you have the same ears as your dog. F**k you. You look just like your dog," he quipped. The playful banter continued with Freddie telling Jay that he looked like he was on electric circus with the colorful toque."

This arrives after Freddie was featured in Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes' new song "Nightrider" off their new album "What Kinda Music". The groovy and hypnotic track was accompanied with an equally engaging visual. The clip featured animated affair that found the trio cruising through a desolate desert landscape in a drop-top convertible before exploring the skies. It was animated and directed by Jack Brown with James Neilson co-designing.

In addition to Freddie, the album included appearances from Rocco Palladino and Kaidi Akinnibi.

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